Lakemaps by Map Link

East View Map Link is pleased to present our latest acquisition, Lakemaps, a midwestern map publisher and established distributor focused on fishing maps and guides for hundreds of lakes in the United States.

Lakemaps consists of hundreds of maps covering bodies of water in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois and became a prominent distributor for other recreational maps and atlases including Fishing Hot Spots, Sportsman’s Connection, All Outdoor, DeLorme, and more. A product line which began as hand-drawn maps on index cards has grown into a flourishing line of product offerings including durable plastic maps, multi-map sets, large Paper Area Lakemaps (PAL) and EZ Weigh Rulers for measuring and estimating the weight of a fish after a successful catch.

Map Link will continue to make Lakemaps branded and distributed products available to existing physical retailers. Additionally, Map Link is committed to expanding the reach of Lakemaps products regionally and nationally by welcoming new customers in both the consumer and retail space, as well as updating and transforming the Lakemaps collection.

Click here to view or download the current version of the Lakemaps catalog.
Soon we will expand to accept e-commerce orders. For now, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (507) 332-8484.