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Map of the Western Front in WWI, 1914-1918 by Terranum Editions
Map of the Western Front in WWI, 1914-1918 by Terranum Editions
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Publication Year: 2017
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Product Type: Folded Map
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Coverage: |France|Switzerland|United Kingdom|Belgium|Germany|Europe|

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For the first time ever, a map explaining the chronological sequence of events and main themes of the First World War on Europe's Western Front has been created using Rollmap?, the innovative map-reading concept.

Ergonomic advantages of this map

-The format easily fits a jacket or shirt pocket, can be unfolded when out and about or in the car without blocking the driver's view..., can easily be taken on a walk or cycle ride.
-The unfolded size is 70 cm (27.5") wide by 42 cm (16.5") tall.
-The innovative feature of this map is that it can be gradually unfolded leaving a vertical strip of map image measuring approximately 8 cm (3.15") x 20 cm (7.87") visible to explore with each fold; the inside fold is parallel with this image.
-The information concerning each map fold opened can be found immediately alongside it.
-The gradual opening of the map from East to West adapts perfectly to the development of the conflict over time; first battles in Lorraine and around Mulhouse.
-The aesthetic design of the document, blending the geographical precision of the locations and the illustration of around thirty events with evocative sketches, enables you to explore and understand the evolution of this important period at the start of the 20th century.
-The fully opened map covers the whole Western Front in WWI, from the Swiss border to the English coast, in an acceptable map-reading format.
-No more map folding and unfolding sessions!

Understanding History through maps

-The content of this reference map is the outcome of the careful selection of facts concerning the battles and society by its author, Mr. Allain Bernede, historian and Head of History at the French Army's Higher Military Academy.
-The selection work he has put in, by overcoming the complexity and bypassing the multiplicity of military cemeteries and memorial locations, and by focusing more on the characteristic elements of the conflict in key subject areas, will make it easy for readers to retain the core facts and visit the sites open to the public.

Along the Remembrance Trails

To make them agreeable for those walking through history, the Remembrance Trails needed to be signposted with simple and accurate markers that would act as a point of reference.

And so it was that Doctor of History Allain Bernede and his wife Denise spent weeks, notebook and camera in hand, combing the Western Front battlefields of the Great War (1914-1918), from Mulhouse in Haute-Alsace to Nieuport in Belgium.

Through a series of patiently and methodically prepared notices, you will walk in the footsteps of those early pathfinders, free to follow the guide or venture off the beaten track and, as your mood dictates, search out some of the monuments or vestiges of that earth shattering event which is indelibly marked our history in the early twentieth century.
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